The exception
that proves the rule.


We set ourselves up on a 23-hectare estate in the Friuli Venezia Giulia DOC , for which we have a very deep-rooted feeling of
belonging, with the intention of developing it in keeping with our family tradition of vine-growing and winemaking.

To us, tradition means working according to the rules of “good practice” , without losing sight of modern techniques. In fact
we continue to introduce innovation to achieve a perfect symbiosis with the modern times, to attain the ultimate
sensory balance in line with the current classic taste and with particular regard towards the market of the future.

Our family has always lived here, ever since my forebears began to work on our land. As a child I observed and absorbed the natural cycle of the seasons, month after month, year after year.

In my twenties i got invited to my first wine tasting, following which I began to take interest in winemaking, to understand wine and to meet industry experts. My family’s passion for farming grew inside me until it became something more than mere curiosity and turned into determination… the determination finally to produce my own family wine.

I’ve never been a great wine drinker, but I do drink the great wines made in our area. My family and I enlarged the original estate and planted younger vines, which are now ripe for picking.

In 2012 we set up Tenuta Maccan and in these few, short years we have achieved excellent results in terms of product quality and service efficiency. Over the next few years we want to expand our business in order to achieve even greater customer satisfaction. Our aim is to grow and make progress in this sector and our hope is that one day our family’s future generations will continue this Tradition.

Stefano Maccan
Owner more than passionate of Tenuta Maccan.
DOC Friuli Zone

Tenuta Maccan is in the Friuli Venezia Giulia DOC zone, which was formed by the Tagliamento, Meduna and Cellina rivers
as a result of frequent flooding over the centuries. Today, the soil is rich in dolomitic limestone and, in particular, contains
fossils and minerals. The richness in the soil is absorbed by the vines and consequently by our wine and gives it the
right sapidity and that lustre that is hard to describe in words.

The soil’s high limestone content means it is perfect for making white wines, whose style is focused on
elegance and substance and are lively, light and fresh on the palate.
On the other hand, its mixture of clay and pebbles is also excellent for making
red wines. This mixture keeps the soil drained, thereby avoiding stagnant water on the soil surface, especially in rainy months. The
vines and grapes thrive and grow healthily, giving the wine freshness and a complex palate.

Furthermore, the perfect microclimate created between the sea and the mountains benefits all the winemaking processes,
such as green manuring, a technique also used in organic farming, which increases the organic nutrients in the soil
and helps to maintain nitric nitrogen, a natural fertiliser which otherwise would be absorbed by the soil and become
unavailable to the vine roots.